A Hotel For Fancy Creatures (2020) (Work in Progress)
A Hotel For Fancy Creatures is a narrative horror game, with a movement style emulating old-school "gridder" adventure games, limiting the player to first-person movement and rotation on a strict grid. The project has served as a way to develop my knowledge of dialogue systems, as well as my knowledge of working with modular 3D assets within Unity.
Fancy Creatures uses a node-based dialogue system for developing the conversations found in the game. The system allows the writer to add dialogue boxes and response branches with ease, directly in Unity, without worrying about having to touch any code. 
3D art assets by Dani McLoughlin
Dynamic RPG Stat System (Work in Progress)
During my free time in February of 2021, I began development on a dynamic character stat system for Unity. The system is intended to be an easy, flexible way for developers to implement and modify character stats in their game. Modifiers can easily be added to or removed from stats, with the system taking different type of modifiers into account (such as additive percentages vs multiplicative percentages).

In order to make the system more user friendly, I have been designing a host of custom inspectors which serve as a way to interface with the stat system easily.

The inspector for adding stat modifiers, found on equipment or any other class that has the capacity to apply modifiers to a player stat

The inspector for assigning stats, called a "StatList". This can easily be added to and removed from, then the StatList can be used on any class or script that the user would like to make use of the Stat System

Inner Connections (February 2020)
Inner Connections was developed over two days for the Global Game Jam 2020, under the theme of "Repair".  The core concept is an abstract experience of the mind, guiding the player on a journey through multiple levels based around human emotions in auto-runner style levels.

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